About Our Logo 
Many people have asked. It is a magickal logo, and its symbolism was deliberately chosen. Symbols hold power.

A rose is a rose is a rose - or is it?
The rose is an ancient symbol of the goddess and is associated with the mysteries. It is also sacred to Epona/Rigantona/Rhiannon, and the logo's owner is a votary of this goddess. 

Why the five petalled rose? It is the oldest rose recorded archaeologically and magickally. Its five petals hold magickal significance, and has been used as a symbol within many magickal traditions and orders throughout history. The Hermetic Magicans, Knights Templar, and Masons have all incorporated it into their mystical symbolism. It is also a heraldic device displayed on a coat of arms.

So yes, the logo is a goddess symbol within a goddess symbol - the triple moon represents the triple aspect of the goddess.

The Pentagram within the rose also reinforces the symbolism of five petals of the rose - the four elements combining to create spirit.  The upright pentagram symbolizes spirit ruling over matter, and the kingdoms of the elements. This is the right hand path.

The five petalled rose, shown here in its triple form - including its leaves, reveals the mystery within when unfolded. It is the path of initiation. Its secret lies in the Charge of the Goddess.

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