Odyssey Rocks!


"The common threads of LOVE & RESPECT intertwined with each soul in attendance making a wonderfully magickal gathering. I am grateful that this festival was a nexus for what is so good about the Pagan community and thank you all for the hard work it takes to make it seem so easy and a joy to attend!"
Rita Walters, presenter

“Beltaine 2010 was an incredibly energetic experience for me. My levels of energy and awareness and intuition are at an all time high I think. I am feeling and experiencing things in an entirely new way since the event and I can't thank Panthean Temple and Rev. Alicia Folberth enough for having Chandra's Charms as a vendor. Last year I was uplifted, this year I stood among stars, perhaps next year I'll catch the right gust of wind and sail over the moon.”
Krystyna Chandra Kabara, vendor

“I would like to thank everyone who showed a stranger (to most) the warmest welcome I have ever experienced. I felt so comfortable and happy, I didn't want to go...I would like to thank Alicia for coordinating the most well organized event I have been to in many years; any way that I can help in the coming years please let me know!! :)”
Mia McKeon, attendee

“Congratulations to you on one of the best run festivals I have ever seen!!  (And I used to run one myself in VA for several years--you are much better organized than we were at the Blue Ridge Pagan Alliance Beltane Festival in VA.)
   Rev. Alicia did an incredible job on this festival and deserves a huge "THANK YOU ALICIA!" from everyone who attended this super enjoyable event. Alicia will also need and deserves the support of everyone who will be attending again next year. We all need to be helping her to get next year's festival rolling-- in a little bit--after she's rested up some. What a great festival!! I am honored to have been included.”
Paula Jean West, Pagan Travel Reviewer, Examiner.com  

" Last week we attended Beltane: A Pagan Odyssey in Oxford, CT. The hotel was comfy, the weather awesome, and the CT countryside divine! We saw old friends, made many new and hope to see them all again as we walk the labyrinth of life. We got to buy many wonderful things from the awesome vendors, attended a lovely Beltane ritual, a wonderful May pole celebration and several outstanding workshops.
   A special Thank you goes out to those people who helped us on our journey: the folks at the registration table, the fellow that pitched our vending canopy, & the sound dudes from Stone the Hostess! You all were awesome! We appreciated your kindness and support. Thank you and Blessed Be!"
~Vicki Scotti, Hecate’s Wheel

“Dear Alicia, Thank you so much for creating the wonderful community and for Beltaine. We had such a wonderful time as we always do, and it was a real blessing to be able to meet and hear Z Budapest and Susun Weed, I didn't think I'd ever get to see them, so that was a real gift. The hand-fasting was beautiful, the workshops very informative, entertainment was great, rituals inspiring, all in all a wonderful time. You have worked so hard and persistently over the years to create this community, and I am exceedingly grateful to you for that.”
Lela, attendee

“Just wanted to say thank you to Imakhu Shekemet, Evan Hugh Worldwind and HannaH's Field for giving us such beautiful music all weekend and for helping those of us less talented learn a thing or two and just have a great time beating the hell out of our drums and giving the people something to dance to, had a great time, already can't wait for next year!!!”
Justin Long, attendee

“Many thanks for an amazing Beltaine. I just want to send out a great big thank you to everyone involved in this year’s Beltaine Festival.  Alicia, I have no idea how you manage and co-ordinate this, but once again I had a number of excellent experiences.  The Temple members and volunteers once again did a great job, responding to issues such as the problems with the food vendors and organizing presentations.  I thoroughly enjoyed the presentations I attended, and the quality of the presenters was again first rate.  This is for me an example of what a strong and healthy community can do. Kudos and much love all around.”
C. Davis Sprague, presenter

“I just wanted to say that my 5 yr old and I had a fantastic time! Thanks to everyone that helped put this together in any way shape or form! We will definitely be back next year probably with my husband and younger daughter! Blessed be!”
Beckie Orth, attendee

“Thank you again for such an awesome weekend. It was an experience I shall never forget, I came home a wee bit different, so many answers came & so much love, many new friends. The chance to meet the people in the forefront of our Faith was inspiring, to say the least.”
Barbara Wainscott-Orzell, volunteer

“Alicia and the Panthean Temple- Once again you have created magick in Oxford. The event was wonderful. Great people, great teachers, great weather and a great time. It has just ended but the Order of Selohaar is already looking forward to participating in your next Beltaine festival.”
Maureen M. Chalmers, Order of Selohaar, attendee

“Best weekend of my life!!  I would like to thank everyone for last weekend! It was so beautiful and so peaceful, my life is forever changed by being there and being a part of something so sacred.
  I cannot express my gratitude for this past weekend, what an amazing experience, everyone was so nice and inviting, the rituals were so filled with the wonderful energy of all the wonderful people and the drums and dancing all night, I am still in awe!!!”
Kelly Wilcox, Attendee

“Thank you for providing another great life changing weekend. I had a wonderful time sharing my passion of crystals and energy. I loved that I was able to do 3 workshops. As always thank you for providing a safe place where like-minded people are given a chance to come together and be a part of something greater. Kudos ...to you and all the volunteers, you all did a wonderful job!”
Kat Fascione-Rhoades, presenter

“Why am I still awake!! I am finally showered, not sleeping in the car & I can't sleep. Still loaded with energy from the Beltaine Fest. Gotta say I have never felt so alive & free, so grateful for all I experienced, learned & for all the new friends, and a few new adopted grandkids! ShadowWolf is ALIVE & I feel so very Blessed!”
Barbara Wainscott-Orzell, volunteer

“Had an AMAZING time! Wonderful music, wonderful presenters, wonderful vendors, wonderful guests and great fun and laughter abound. I think my guts still hurt from all the laughing I did this weekend - can't beat that :) Love, Light and Happiness to all!”
Krystyna Chandra Kabara, vendor

“I had a GREAT time. Joined the drums. Became enchanted by an amazing spirit who plays the didgeridoo, Evan Hugh Worldwind . (His dij informed my drum.) Met a powerful Sister-Light Bringer, Imakhu Shekemet . It was a wonderful time. Big hugs to all who were there. Already feeling my heart missing it all. Loving the sense of weaving the web of connection.”
Dakini Tara Shakti-Ma, attendee

“I've seen it all over people's pages, but buzzing is definitely the feeling I'm still overflowing with. It's so amazing how one weekend surrounded by good friends, making new ones, and new spiritual beginnings can make you feel like such a new person inside!”
Hope Monroe, volunteer


As new guests at the Beltaine event I wanted to share with you our experience and gratitude, on behalf of my finance and I. We have been studying Wicca together for almost a year and a half and we had not yet attended a festival so we went with an open mind, an open heart, but admittedly with some uncertainty of what we should expect or what would be expected of us. We met so many compassionate, inspirational, high energy and positive people that it was nothing short of amazing. The combination of inspirational people, music, and classes still has us reeling in a vibration that is undeniable. Not only did it solidify our higher level of commitment to our path, but it was clearly a new beautiful beginning of many festival outings and more participation in our future. It is so refreshing to know that there is so much magick in the world, and so many people to share it with! Thank you all for the positive impact you all have had on the two of us. All of you hard work and the vibration raised was not lost on us!
Lewis and Marci, Claremont, NH
Attendees, Beltaine 2009

I would love to give a big smile, hug and thank you to all you wonderful folk who worked so hard to make the Festival a pleasant experience. I know how much it takes and your dedication and commitment is greatly appreciated. Would I do it again? Yup, sure, you betcha. <smile> Hoping that things are more calm and sensible in my life this time next year.
Zanoni Silverknife
Presenter, Beltaine 2009

Hey there all you Magickal CT Pagans!
Just wanted to send an enormous THANK YOU to all who worked so hard to make this past weekend's Beltane celebration a great success! It was so much fun for us to reconnect with some old friends and make many new ones as well. The wealth of talent on all levels continues to amaze us. Despite the challenges of the weather, everyone was positive and energetic. We continue to read posts online where many attendees feel they experienced a vibration raising during the weekend and it continues to grow and influence their daily lives. What better compliment could there be than that?!!! So, GREAT JOB EVERYONE! We look forward to doing more events with you in the future.
Doug & Jenna Greene
Presenters & Performers, Beltaine 2009

I would like to offer a belated but yet heartfelt thank-you to Reverend Alicia for the opportunity to speak at Pagan Odyssey a few weeks ago. As a presenter, I find that I learn far more from those attending the classes I teach than they could possibly be learning from me--and it is a great gift. The spirit of the weekend has carried with me to my own Group here in New York, as well as keeping me focused and present in all aspects of my life. I look forward to returning. :) Thank you to the other presenters, organizers, new friends and the people at Schreiber Farm for creating this beautiful environment for learning, healing and growth.
Courtney Weber
Presenter, Beltaine 2009

I want to thank you so much for organizing such a wonderful event! This year was my third year and I had a great time visiting with old friends and making new ones. I cannot wait to go back!!! Blessings to You!!!
Attendee, Beltaine 2009

It was the most fun I've ever had with my clothes on!
Kelly of Concert Connections
Volunteer, Beltaine 2009

Just wanted to say; Wow...another wonderful festival! You truly amaze me! I don't know how you do it! I look forward to every year and as always I always have a blast. Thank you for all you do and all the lives you touch. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of it. I truly appreciate it.
Cindy Corriveau
Presenter, Beltaine 2009

I just wanted to thank you for a wonder time I had at Pagan Odyssey. I taught Ghost Hunting 101 and I found the attendees to be warm and beautiful. I truly enjoyed myself. Thank you again. 
CC the Huntress
Presenter, Beltaine 2009

I just wanted to say that as a presenter and a participant, and for my daughter who was a volunteer, we had a wonderful time once again at the festival. Kudos to Alicia for coordinating such a big undertaking and pulling it off yet again, and great respect to all the members of the temple - your hard and constant work was obvious in how smoothly things appeared to go on the surface. Thank you all for a thoroughly enjoyed Beltaine.
C. Davis Sprague
Presenter, Beltaine 2009

I would like to give a big thank you to all who made this years fest possible. The hard work and energy you all put in made a huge difference in peoples lives. I have heard many people say they have never walked away from a festival and felt the way they do now. Many are more in tune and feel stronger vibrational shifts. The energy there was truly amazing. The true sense of community and camaraderie was felt this weekend. People were more comfortable with the strangers at the fest than they are with some of their own friends. We took our proverbial masks off and shed our mundane skin. Exposed to all of natures elements we were set free, accepted, not judged, wild spirited, and unbound. The wind, rain, and fire cleansed our souls and the sacred ground of the farm grounded and centered us. Being put to sleep by the heart beat of the drums at night was so very healing to ones spirit. I for one am a changed woman.
    Truly the way we should be living our everyday life. Most of us have realized what we have been missing. The purest form of community. All of those helping hands put together made all the difference. Thank you so very much to all of you, I am so grateful to you.
KitKat (from BACA)
Presenter, Beltaine 2009

I just wanted to thank everyone for a fine Beltaine festival. It was quite a trip for the four of us that traveled from Hamilton, ON. We had a nice time. It was fun meeting new people and everyone made us feel welcome 
Kim and George 
Attendees, Beltaine 2009

Thank you to all who worked &/or organized Beltaine this year it was wonderful. Everyone from out of state a special big THANK YOU ! The energy was wonderful! Have a very blessed year! 
Karen M.
Attendee, Beltaine 2009

I want to thank everyone who worked and participated in the Wonderful Beltane Festival this past weekend. I feel so blessed to have experienced a wonderful Pagan community. I was absolutely Amazed at the team work that came together for your wonderful festival. Thank you so much and I look forward to next year.
Kristi & Kyle
Attendees, Beltaine 2009

I have experienced a major energy shift since Beltaine in Connecticut. Pulsating light energy & vibrational sensitivity have increased enormously head to toe. Nothing like hanging out with big-hearted, high vibratory folks. I'm tellin' y'all, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is the true key to ascension! It's like I'm buzzing. I feel the vibrations of EVERYTHING, gross and subtle. I'm even more physically and psychically in tune with the planet. Man, like in my song EARTH MY BODY! "Grounded, Flowing, Flying, Glowing..." It's even more real to me now! I truly feel the Ma'at connection to everyone and everything. Wow...
Presenter & Performer, Beltaine 2009

Many of us walked away with the very same feeling. Its incredible. My vibrations have heightened also, and am more in tuned. Its crazy, and does feel like I am on a pagan "high". The energy there was ever flowing and STRONG. What a gift!
Presenter, Beltaine 2009

I'd just like to join in and thank everyone for a fantastic Beltaine celebration. In particular, I want to thank Alicia and her staff for a well-organized event. They did a great job and even kept a stiff upper lip when the weather didn't exactly play nice. I'd also like to thank the musicians, vendors and my fellow presenters for lending their time and energy to entertain and illuminate us. (And sell some really neat stuff!). And then of course, those brave souls who ventured out of their dry(ish) tents to attend the workshops. I know that I really appreciated the attention you all gave to my workshops. I hope you got as much out of taking them as I did teaching them. It is always a two-way street. I'm looking forward to seeing you all again next year.
Kirk White
Presenter, Beltaine 2009

A Beltane I will never forget!!! Thank you so much to all of you who make it possible for solitary Practitioners like me to meet so many wonderful people. Blessings!!
Attendee, Beltaine 2009

Thank YOU for all the work you do, I needed that weekend to "touch earth" again so much, and really, came away utterly refreshed. The best atmosphere of any festival I've been to, ever, really!
Jean Hislop,
Presenter, Beltaine 2009

I can not begin to thank you enough for the invite. This weekend has changed me for the better. I have made some great relationships. We all have walked away with a greater sense of community. We were all left with this unbelievable high. Many have told me they have gone to many festivals and have never left feeling the way they did at this one. I have also heard many say that they are experiencing a higher vibration and attunement to the earth and the world around them since this weekend. Must have been something in the air there. This weekend will forever go down in my history. So very many blessings to you and thank you so very much!
Kat Fascione-Rhoades
Presenter, Beltaine 2009


The tag line of this festival was "The Pagan Event of The Year" which I must say is very accurate. There was a rare synergy here that is hard to explain in words. I left the event feeling more focused and energized than when I arrived. I highly recommend this annual event to any serious festival goer.
Jimahl DiFiosa
Presenter, Beltaine 2007

We wanted to thank the organizers for having us go down there, beautiful place, nestled in the hills...Thanks again for the hospitality, we had a great time.
To all the tech crew, sound guys from the band Stone the Hostess, and the laser show during our set, very cool! we realized that when the crowd kept chanting our name it was because it was being spelled out on laser, wild. Still felt good hearing it though. So, to all of you, thanks so much, made the show that much better.
    So it was quite a time. Our dragon was out in the crowd the whole time, that was a first, and to the dancing girls that took over the catwalk at the front of the stage.. we really appreciated that! Thank you kindly. What else can we say, was a show to remember.
    All the best, hope you all had a great Beltaine, thanks for the wishes you have all been sending.
Utu, Dragon Ritual Drummers

That entire weekend was one magical adventure after another. From, actually experiencing a "guided meditation" in real life on Friday night, with the "fire ritual", to meeting a truly amazing person of the Craft, Maxine Sanders. I am totally impressed by the attention that was paid to every detail of this event. From the food and entertainment, to the organizational skills displayed.  
Anthony Guerriero
Presenter, Beltaine 2009

I wanted to tell you what an awesome job you did on the festival! The energy was great! The location was awesome and the hill where I did my meditation was fabulous! We all enjoyed ourselves and plan to come again in 2008! I would love to do a few workshops and even vend! We are looking forward to 2008! Congratulations on a fabulous job! I keep telling everyone how wonderful your Beltaine was and everyone seems to be interested. Thanks again for a fabulous event!
Presenter, Beltaine 2007

Thank you Alicia and all those who worked so hard to make the Beltaine Festival so enjoyable. Interesting workshops, good vendors, great entertainment, marvelous people. Loved the parade, ritual and maypole. You know how to create a safe space and put on a great show. May there be many many more.
Lela & J.D.
Attendees, Beltaine 2007

Many thanks for all the hard work and dedication that went into the festival that we so enjoyed. I can honestly say on behalf of my husband Heinz and myself that we have changed because of this event and had a really hard time going back to mundane life. The people we have met and gone threw classes with will never leave us. I have felt a great connection that I so deeply needed in my search that I can truly say I know where I belong. I also give many thanks to Alicia and for her belief in me as I spread my Green wings. Our love and blessings to you.
Roberta, CT
Presenter, Beltaine 2007

A huge amount of thanks goes out to Alicia and the unseen multitudes that put forth their hard work to make this a success. And a success it was on a large scale. Thru your sincere efforts, I, as an Alexandrian High Priest, got the once in a lifetime opportunity to meet my Queen of Queens. For this act I am very grateful to you. Great Gods!! wasn't she so enchanting and spellbinding? I am still 10 feet off the ground. Thank You so much for allowing this meeting to happen for me.
Icarus, 3* HP
Alexandrian Tradition, Nesnick Line

Attendee, Beltaine 2007

This was my first Pagan Odyssey, and I had the BEST time. Thank you all so much for putting such a great weekend together. I came with two friends, and we were overwhelmed with how welcoming and friendly everyone was. The rituals and activities were great. The food was awesome. The place was just amazingly gorgeous. Thanks so much!
Mary, CT
Attendee, Beltaine 2007

I also wish to add my congratulations and thanks to all of those who worked to create this year's Beltaine festival. This was my first time at the event, and I was struck by the friendly and open attitude of everyone. It was great to be surrounded by pagan folks with children & dogs in tow, and everyone enjoying themselves fully. As vendors/presenters, my friend Amy and I were happy to have our small part. We know the year-round work that goes into even a small festival and wanted to express our gratitude to Alicia and everyone else involved who made us feel so welcome. 
Ankhara/Julie Porter
Presenter, Beltaine 2007

I'm Angel some of you met me at Beltaine, I did a Chakra Workshop. We had a fabulous time, I especially loved the nighttime concerts!!!  The last time we attended the festival was about 5 years ago when Mikie was a baby, and there was three vendors. Boy has the festival grown! I am so proud to be a part of this wonderful festival with all of you, and I am really looking forward to seeing you all again next year. 
Angel Moonsteps
Guardians of the Sacred Grove

Presenter, Beltaine 2007

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU AND DID I SAY THANK YOU !!!!!!!!! What a wonderful time we had. Thanks to all the hard work you did. All the people we were with had a lovely time...
Ember & Icarus, NJ
Attendees, Beltaine 2007

I attended my first Pagan Odyssey last weekend, and was so touched by the wonderful, open and down-to-Earth folks I met. I would love to volunteer for the next gathering. I look forward to meeting more of you.
Ninnoc, CT
Attendee, Beltaine 2007

I had a blast! Thanks everyone for a wonderful weekend. I enjoyed seeing some old friends and making new ones at the festival. It was exciting and quite an honor to meet so many impressive people and to see so much talent this past weekend. Thank you to everyone :)
Cindy Corriveau, CT
Presenter, Beltaine 2007

Just wanted to thank Alicia (and all the other members of the Panthean Temple) for another great festival! We had a great time, please let us know what we can do to help out for next year. Thanks again!
Ryan, MA
Band member, Point of Ares
Beltaine 2007

Yes, I had a great time and met a lot of wonderful people. And Joe, who is NOT fond of drums and drum circles, even carried the dragon for the entire DRD set. Thanks Alicia and everyone who worked so hard to put this together!
Jezibell, NY
Presenter, Beltaine 2007

My Thanks also to Alicia and all who worked hard to make the festival the great one it was. I would also like to extend my appreciation for the great sense of welcome we Canadians felt upon arrival and during our stay. It was a very long drive but well worth it to meet so many fine people. The workshops were informative and the vendors both very friendly and had great wares which I should note were very reasonably priced. 
   Kim (my wife) and I (Paul) both plan to attend next year’s Beltaine festival at the farm. As a humorous note, when crossing the border and telling the U.S. border guard the name of the farm we got a curious glance and smile. I got worried for a moment until I noticed his name tag. Schreiber. Now how likely was that. 
Thank you all for a great weekend and a warm welcome.
Paul S, 
Hamilton, Ontario, CA
Attendee, Beltaine 2007

Blessed greetings everyone, for all those who organized and diligently worked to present this wonderful community gathering of celebration and friendship, we, Pillars of HER Traditions, say well done and thank you! Besides myself, Lady A, another priestess, Mirabella, who came up for the first time, were scheduled to teach classes; we also had three members attend for the entire weekend, each stated the entertainment alone was worth the cost of the event! Out of the five, two hung out for the late night drumming Friday and Saturday!
   The classes and workshops offered were excellent, the vendors great and the entertainment phenomenal! It was a pleasurable respite to enter into the safe and sacred space of Pagan community. Thank you also to the pagan community of smiling faces, joyous laughter and open hearts. The larger number of young families with kids was precious!
   And, a special thank you to the sistars and brothers who reached out to me. I appreciate your sensitivity, compassion and courage. It was heartwarming for you to come up to me and welcome me back. It was especially touching, when a few folks asked if I was ok, being the only black womyn present; (although there was another on Sunday) honesty and caring. In HER eyes and heart, and with all the joyful celebration we were all one! BB. Looking forward to next year,
Lady A
Presenter, Beltaine 2007


Pagan Odyssey Rocked!  Wow, what a great weekend with Connecticut's Panthean Temple and a few hundred assorted other pagans. The location, weather, music, rituals, people... everything was perfect!... I'd recommend it to everyone. Happy Beltane!
Pete, NY
Attendee, Beltaine 2006

Thank you and Kudos to all who contributed to this year's Beltaine 2006 Festival. My covenmates raved (as with last year's) over the dedication of staff, the nifty doodads sold by vendors, the workshops, the concerts, the people, and (most importantly) the food. All this extends beyond a meager 'Thank You', but - those two words are mighty powerful magic. So... Thank You!
, RI
Presenter, Beltaine 2006

Thanks to all who made Beltaine 2006 such a wonderful event. Alicia and all the Temple members . . .  the volunteers and the presenters . . .  the cooks and the attendees . . .  and so on . . .  all of you make this a worthy community event. I, for one, leave with more than I come with - every year. It is an honor to be part of this event and this community. 
Rose, CT
Presenter, Beltaine 2006

I just wanted to take the time to THANK YOU ALL, for a great festival. We had an absolute blast. Migwell my drum partner and Tiffany loved the energy of those who stayed up with us all night Sat. Drumming and dancing the night away. Magick did happen. What beautiful land!!!!!! The food was good and the people I met were awsome. I hope to be able to do another drum workshop. We had fun!!!
Nighthawk, MA
Presenter, Beltaine 2006

Many thanks to Alicia and the whole Panthean Temple for a great weekend! The only problem I had was how to split myself into 3 or 4 pieces, because every hour there were more workshops that I wanted to attend, and choosing just one was the most difficult task of all. I also loved Laura Powers. She has a wonderful gift of music, and is a very gracious lady. Once again, many thanks for a great time, I already can't wait until next year.
Judy, CT
Beltaine 2006

Pagan Odyssey really was a great time. It was a lot of fun overall, with a bunch of major highlights. Patricia Telesco is a lovely person. I did not get a chance to meet Ellen Dugan but friends thought she was great. The food was very good, and I loved the workshop on Astral Travel by Frater 939, the musical stylings of Wendy Rule and Katrin, and, of course, Nemesis' oracular prophesy. He really blew me away! Richard and Tamarra James are also amazing people. 
Cindy, RI
Attendee, Beltaine 2006

I just want to take a minute and say thanks for an amazing weekend. We all had a great time and will be back for many years to come. The people we met were amazing and the area is absolutely beautiful. 
Ryan, MA
Attendee, Beltaine 2006


Thank you for welcoming us to our first PT Festival experience! Many thanks to everyone who helped us with preliminary/planning suggestions, for a comfortable weekend. Everyone was friendly, the (emotional) air wholesome, the presenters caring and inspiring, and the performances entertaining! The circles were fun and powerful. The cooperative efforts of the volunteers and organizers was great. Spirits eager, loving and excited, this Festival was a wonderful example of commitment, dedication and hard work in the name of FUN! The classes and workshops were diverse, from fun and easy to serious stuff. The farm logistics were great and the flow of events was flawless. I had a fabulous time, met great people and look forward to returning next year!
HPs Lady A, NY
Presenter, Beltaine 2005

My fiancé and I had the honor of attending the classes and ritual this past weekend and were both deeply moved. She had always wanted to participate in a group ritual and I wanted to learn more about this important part of her life. The energy, passion, and love that abounded were very contagious, it was one of the most beautiful spiritual experiences that we have been able to partake in together. The classes were absolutely amazing and only helped to heighten our overall experience. I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you from my heart for welcoming us into your celebration and giving us the opportunity to experience such a wonderful event. We are both very interested in becoming members and attending more of your events. I cannot thank you enough for the experience.
Anthony, CT
Attendee, Beltaine 2005


I just wanted to tell everyone how much my husband, my friends, and I loved Beltane. We came last year to your Mabon celebration which was small and cozy, and we didn't expect the professional level it took to organize such a wonderful festival. You all gave so much of yourselves and it showed! Two of our friends are not really pagans and come to our Sabbat rituals and have never experienced a pagan festival before. They loved it!! They said they want to come back every year. So do we. It was done with such warmth, love and true equality. 
Riannon-Lia, NY
Attendee, Beltaine 2004

"Thank You!" to everyone for such an amazing and wonderful weekend! Beltaine 2004 was truly one of the most beautiful experiences we have ever had! And no... I'm not just saying that! There were eight of us who attended together, and everyone was amazed by the weekend. I am being completely honest when I say that we have already begun making plans for attending next year! 
Attendee, Beltaine 2004

Hope you're all doing well, I'm still recovering from the wonderful experience I had with my husband at the Beltaine fest. We camped there for the weekend and what a weekend it was! Thank you Alicia and to your PTC team.  I had the pleasure of playing for the first time with DreamSpirit at this wonderful Beltaine fest....The classes were fantastic and we had a chance to meet some extraordinary people! Just loved it all! Hope to see you all again soon.
Cristina, CT
DreamSpirit Band Member
, Beltaine 2004

This was our first time vending and teaching in CT, and it was a fantastic experience. The farm where the event was held is stunningly beautiful with a babbling brook rushing over the rocks in hearing distance of our tents. We look forward to doing this event again for many years to come...and to seeing our newfound "family" of friends, several of whom will now join us at the Spring Gathering of Tribes in VA.
Rev. Susan
Vendor, Beltaine 2004


I just wanted to thank everyone who organized, worked, and lead workshops for Beltaine 2002. I had a wonderful time. My children also had a memorable experience. This weekend changed my life. I know now that this is the right path for me. You all looked so beautiful in the circles. I will always hold it dear to me. I hope to see you all again in the fall!
Gina, RI
Attendee, Beltaine 2002


I just want to write to say that Beltaine was a lovely weekend and thank all who participated for such a terrific time. Every ritual was amazing, the workshops were fun, and all the people who attended were really fantastic. Everyone was very respectful of the property, which absolutely delighted the cleanup crew. It was also alot of fun drumming with everyone into the wee hours of the night, I hope to see some of you again soon!! All in all, thanks to the PCC for another great Beltaine, and I hope those who missed it will be able to attend next year, for they missed an awesome time!!!
Volunteer, Beltaine 2001

I too enjoyed Beltaine! I was there on Monday with my mom ....and she even had a good time! I was worried about bringing her but she did quite well! She even bought a few stones, went home and smudged them! I loved the Beginner Tarot class and learned quite a bit. Thanks for a great time. Hope to see everyone again soon.
Attendee, Beltaine 2001


I just wanted to thank everyone who put their time; energy and hard work in making Beltane 2000 a dream come true. At the risk of sounding corny, it really was a dream come true. It was so nice to see a church that is truly striving for Pagan unity. I take that message to heart and it was easy to see that you do too. The PCC should be a model for the Pagan community at large. Your Church has brought me new hope that Pagans can come together, celebrate together and respect and encourage diversity. I plan on sending my membership fee this week and if you'll have me, I would be honored to be a member of your Church.
Attendee, Beltaine 2000

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who helped organize Beltaine 2000 and all the wonderful people I met there for a great day, Saturday. I had a marvelous time and was awed by the size of the circle at the ritual Saturday evening, never having attended such a large gathering. Of course, the maypole was complete mayhem and fun!. My only regret is that we couldn't stay longer. Hopefully next year we can rectify that.Again, thank you to all and I look forward to further contact with PCC in the future.
Attendee, Beltaine 2000

I just wanted to introduce myself to those who do not know me and say thank you for a wonderful weekend. My name is Val and my partner Matt and we made a lot of new friends on our first trip out to a PCC event (already looking forward to the next!) I offer any services to the Church that might be needed and look forward to meeting you all. 
Attendee, Beltaine 2000

I want to thank everyone for the wonderful rituals last weekend. I feel everything was successful and that it was great to see so many people from so many different backgrounds and places join together in celebration, and hope that everyone else there felt the same. The turnout was awesome!!!! Hopefully more people can join together in the pagan community as we all did and celebrate and draw strength and power from each other. 
Attendee, Beltaine 2000

It's a day after the last of Beltaine 2000 and I am still in awe of the wonderful things that happened. It was magick from beginning to end; we managed to banish winter really well on Friday in the Walpurgisnacht ritual, I had the honor of handfasting the Goddess and God on Saturday, and the shamanic sand-painting ritual was a perfect way to end the weekend. The merchants were great, and had nifty things for Pagan shop-o-holics like me. The people who attended were very friendly and I regretted not being able to speak with them more. There were so many I wanted to get to know better and was just too busy to stop for long.

I would like to thank everyone who came and supported our event. We had a lot of people from different covens and organizations gathered for the very first time. It was truly a moment of unity. I hope to see more groups represented at Beltaine 2001.

I am also very proud of the fine team effort that went into running the event. Even people who weren't on staff lent a hand. Many people come over and thanked me for the event, but I think you should know that our members are due just as much of the credit. They made it all happen and I am very proud of everyone. We had three times as many people this year, and we were still able to host a wonderful festival.

Running Beltaine this year was the best magickal work we have ever done to date, and most of it wasn't even done within a circle.

Blessings of Light,
Rev. Alicia L. Folberth


Greetings all;

Just a reminder of the PCC Beltane Campout being held from April 30th to May 2nd. It is being held at Schrieber's Farm in Oxford, CT. There will be two rituals, drumming, bonfires, classes, and vendors. You need to supply your own tent and camping supplies, a large grill will be available and some food will be available for sale, water will be provided. For more info, please check the website at www.pagancommunitychurch.org

Ron Ortoli

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