Festival Guidelines

Everyone MUST sign a waiver for themselves and their children before entering the site, stating that they will not hold the PTC and Schreiber's Farm liable for any injury. We are a community driven festival - ALL Festival attendees are expected to put in a minimum of one hour of work per day that they attend the festival. The sign up sheet is at the registration booth. Festival attendees will wear their passes at all times. 

The land is sacred. Please treat it this way. The reason why we can use this site every year is because we do treat it as sacred. Camp, park, swim and stay within designated areas. No vandalizing, no littering, no polluting, no hunting, no fishing, no cutting or nailing of live trees, and take ALL of your trash out with you. Leave the area better than you found it OR don't come back. Bring bags/containers for recycling. Abide by the guidelines published, posted or as stated by PTC Staff.

Drinking water is provided by the PTC and is brought in from the local supermarket; it is not bathing or washing water. Use the water from the river for washing or bathing - it's been tested as one of the cleanest in the state. Please use camping or other biodegradable soap and keep it that way.

No unapproved fires may be set-up. Their is a campfire pre-designated in most camping areas. This is to prevent uncontrolled fires, to keep the earth sacred and to make the farmer happy! (There is nothing worse than a campsite that looks like it was overrun by large deranged gophers!) Non-charcoal gas grills are acceptable for cooking purposes. The Central Fire is a sacred fire, do not throw trash and cigarette butts into it.
NO BLADES! NO WEAPONS! Swords and Athames are for ritual use only by approved presenters and festival staff. This is not a renaissance fair.

There will be licensed medical personal on site. The medical personnel, by law, are not permitted to dispense prescription medication unless they are doctors. Please bring prescription medication with you in case of an emergency. 
PHYSICAL & MENTAL HEALTH CONDITIONS that may require medication and/or periodical medical attention must be described on the registration form. 

OPEN ALCOHOL WILL NOT BE PERMITTED IN CAMPGROUNDS 1-3 OR MAIN AREAS under ANY circumstances. No sale of alcohol is permitted. Alcohol is limited to the Caterers Tent and campground 4. This is to keep our festival a family-friendly event, to ensure that sacred space is kept sacred, and for safety concerns around the bonfire. You must drink responsibly, since disruptive or disorderly behavior will not be tolerated.
YOU MUST BE OF LEGAL AGE TO DRINK Anyone under 21 consuming alcoholic beverages will be removed from the site by the state police, as well as anyone who gives alcohol to someone who is underage. Please bring a valid photo ID with birthdate when you sign in at the gate. 
TOBACCO use is limited to adults. Be considerate of non-smokers, make sure butts are extinguished and deposited in an appropriate receptacle - not placed on ground. 
NO ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES WILL BE TOLERATED! If we suspect you have illegal substances, you will be removed from the site by the state police and you can explain your reasons why to them. There will be a legal presence at the festival this year.

All non-human companions must be in a cage or on a leash, and must be friendly to both humans and other pets. Pets which cannot be controlled, demonstrate unfriendly behavior, or have owners who do not pay attention, must leave the site. Be aware there are several farm dogs who roam the property.

Anyone engaging in disruptive or discourteous behavior may be told to leave by any member of the PTC staff. Staff members will have special badges identifying them as such, and your removal is at their discretion. Be polite at all times. Anyone who violates any of our guidelines is at risk of being BANNED from any and all future events. Keep in mind that the event is held on private land, and you can be turned away or removed for any reason. 

No one under 18 allowed without a parent or guardian. Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. We provide children's activities only, not child care.PTC staff are NOT responsible for your children at the Gathering. If the child you bring is not yours, you must have a notarized letter from the parent or guardian stating that you have permission to bring the child and that you are responsible for that child. This letter is to be left with our staff at the gate. The parent/legal guardian/caretaker is responsible for supervision of minor(s) and for ensuring the minor(s) complies with all provisions of the Festival Guidelines. 

This is a family friendly event. Please keep this is mind in what you say and do in front of children. Anyone who does not understand what this means, or fails to remember, will be asked to leave.
PLEASE NOTE: This is a NON-SKYCLAD EVENT. Again, this is a family friendly festival. Skyclad is only permitted for bathing purposes in the river swimming hole next to the volleyball court (camp 4). Keep it clean!

Bouncing checks is a criminal offense in Connecticut and is punishable up to a $1,000 fine or one year in jail or both. Anyone who bounces checks through purchases at our festival and fails to make amends will be forever banned from our events. This information is also shared with other festivals and temples.

If you are with the media, you must identify yourself as per federal law. The festival is held on private property, and no one from the media may attend without prior permission. We require contracts before allowing video cameras on site; these are rarely given, and your attorney must sign off on them. Many people in the Pagan community aren't out of the closet about their faith, and no one is to be taped/photographed who does not wish to be. Photos taken at the festival by attendees are for personal use only - non-public.

Vehicles in camping areas are for DROP-OFF ONLY. No vehicles may remain in the camping areas except for RVs and pop-ups the RV area. Parking areas are separate. Please note that the Pagan Campground 4 is accessible only by four wheel drive vehicles with high ground clearances. These roads are open only Thursday for set up will be closed for the remainder of the festival. All vehicles must have their car festival parking pass displayed in the front window where it can be seen easily.

Your admission is NOT refundable for ANY reason. Either commit to attend this event and pre-register, or pay more at the gate. If you cannot attend and you have paid, we will give you a receipt for your donation. If you are removed/forced to leave due to any violation of our guidelines, your admission will not be refunded.

Please see additional guidelines as listed on our vendors page.

Please be careful!
Use your common sense and
we will all have a fun and safe weekend!

These rules are subject to change and will be posted bot
h on our web site and at this event.

Pagan Odyssey is affiliated with W.A.S.P.
We also speak with other festivals and organizations.
If you are banned from other festivals, you are banned from ours!


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