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Sponsor for 2014:

Alicia's SubRosa Magick
Rune and Tarot Readings, Reiki Treatments

2014 festival is generously sponsored by Rev. Alicia. 
Please visit her pages at:


Our Beltaine Festival, A Pagan Odyssey, is Connecticut’s oldest festival. It is educational, spiritual and a chance to experience community at its finest. We bring in well-known teachers, leaders and elders for lectures, hands on workshops and classes. Your contribution can help our festival grow, and this in an investment in our future since it directly benefits our
Land Fund.


Sponsors may have ads in our program

Our advertising space is 7.5”x 10” interior for an 8.5" x 11" booklet
Sponsor $200 - Full page
Sponsor $125 - Half page (horizontal or vertical)
Sponsor $75 - Quarter page 
Sponsor - $50 Business card 

Our program alone cost $3.45 cents each to professionally print in 2006. 
We need sponsorships to also help pay for other expenses at the festival.
Please contact us if you need help designing an ad.

We are considering a color cover, 
please let us know if you are interested in sponsoring it.
Sponsor $400 - Full Page Color
The back cover will be available for advertising.

If you donate specifically for any of the items below, you may attach a sign (you provide) on the item for the duration of the event stating your name as a donor. Not applicable if you are only advertising in our program.

$2000 will cover travel and fees for a well-known Pagan band/artist (not local)
$600-1300 will cover round trip airfare from the West Coast/Out of Country
          for a guest speaker
$800 will cover fees for a well-known local Pagan band/artist
$750 will cover land rental for the weekend
$500 will cover most airfares for well-known guest speakers
$450 will cover a 20’ x 40’ frame tent rental
$350 will cover printing costs for flyers
$325 will cover a dumpster for trash removal
$300 will cover 1 year’s worth of hosting fees for our web site
$275 will cover food for guest speakers/volunteers
$250-$500 will cover an honorarium for a well-known author
$225 will cover program printing costs
$215 will cover a 20’ x 20’ pole tent rental
$200 will cover an entertainer – magician/clown/face painter
$175 will cover a portable shower stall and a propane heated shower
$150 will cover an ad in the Door Opener
$125 will cover badge costs
$100 will cover water for the weekend
$80 will cover (1) port-a-let
$75 will stock our first aid kit
$60 will cover lamp fuel
$50 will cover firewood
$40 will cover materials for signs
$20 will cover a rented cooler for sodas
$15 will cover a 6’ rental table and seven chairs
$10 will cover a good quality tiki torch