Why We Do It

The idea obviously is that we build Pagan Odyssey into becoming one of the 'big festivals everyone goes to' so that we can put aside money for our Land Fund. Land in New Haven and Litchfield counties is VERY expensive so this will take time and effort to make it manifest.

There are a lot of others reasons too. Even though we don't make much (thus far) every year, here are the other reasons that keep us going. 

        In Honor of Our Deities We consider this an offering.

        Creating Community We brought the community together for the first time in CT at Beltaine 2004. This was no small achievement, and we have involved more groups every year since.

        Education Bringing in Elders and authors, as well as many local speakers who are experts on a variety of subjects.

        Recognition and Reputation We might be a small temple, but we do have a place in the hearts of many. We have a responsibility to the community at large and have earned our place within it.

        Creating a Family Friendly Pagan & Non-Pagan Friendly Environment

        Bringing Together a diversity of Religions and Traditions

        Taking Ownership of our Temple To create positive change, and in learning how to organize and lead people.

        Networking And a main reason why we can do great things with a small temple and a handful of committed individuals.

        Open to solitary and individual experience without commitment for many this is their first intense ritual experience.

        Setting an example in the community at large This includes public perception.

        Creating opportunities for everyone on many levels.

        Fun The freedom to just be who we are among our own.

Please do not forget that most contribute their time to our festival for free, and many who contribute who are not Pagan. Many people believe in us!

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